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Customs Brokerage

With our team of specialists we take care of all customs related formalities for your worldwide shipments. With our extensive expertise, we are able to offer solutions for all your customs obligations that match your logistics process. Our services are flexibility, reliability and responsibility. We’re certified that shipments subject to customs regulations are processed quickly and efficiently.

Our Major skill:
- Customs Clearance & Trucking
- Customs Evaluation
- Customs Import Permit (for Garment textile and Trading under master list /non master list)
- Customs Approval
- Apply New Import (for New trader must apply)     
- Apply Asycuda (for new trader must apply)
- Customs Re-export Permit (for re-export shipment)
- Apply form: D, E (for Asian)   
                        AK (Korea)
                        AJ ( Japan)
                        AI ( India)
                       AA ( Australai)  
- Apply GSP
- Apply certificate of origin
- Apply PHYTO (Phytosanitary Pertificate)