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LCL/ Consolidation

LCL mean the small parcels (Shipper don’t have enough cargo to fill a full container) or call less than container load. 

The process of LCL consolidation is collecting the LCL cargo from the various shippers and load into a container at a nominated 'hub' terminal under customs seal (bounded warehouse). Is known as Consolidation.

Then there is a full container load, as the shippers are many, the consolidator would issue their individual bills of lading to the various shippers..

In the case of consolidation cargo, the consolidators issue their House Bills of Lading to the shippers and secure a Master Bill of Lading from the shipping line for the container which is booked with the line as an FCL and which will show them as a shipper on the lines bill of lading..

The customers’ House Bill of Lading maybe termed as CFS/CFS or Door to Door.. The consolidators responsibility and delivery terms will depend on these terms mentioned on the bill of lading..

SUPER  TALENT LOGISTICS has extensive experience in consolidating containers and the handling thereof. STL can arrange everything from container stripping and stuffing upto customs formalities. Together with STL network of colleague agents STL is providing the best possible services worldwide.